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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Honda Civic at Royal Honda in Metairie

The 2013 Civic is here at Royal Honda.  And what an improvement!

First things first.  Standard i-MID means everything is in your line of sight.

Rear view camera?  Got it.  Pandora streaming Radio with music info?  Check.  Personal Photos for wallpaper?  Why not!  Don't forget about Bluetooth hands free calling.  Of Course!  All standard on the LX Civic.

Honda has gone all out on this one.  On the new Civic, Victor Shaffer commented, "My favorite part is the new interior materials.  Everything is so high end now.  You really don't expect this level of refinement in a car in this class.  I think people are going to be really surprised."

Mileage on the 13 Civic is an amazing 28 in the City and 39 on the Highway!  That's Honda efficiency for you and your fuel budget working!

Also, with Honda, safety comes standard.  Or as Honda calls it: Safety for Everyone.  Tire pressure sensors.  Next generation airbags with Honda's smart vent system.  Electronic Brake Distribution.  All are standard.

Let us know if we can be of service.  Feel free to stop in.  Also, check out the Civic Inventory Here.  We may have the perfect car to replace your old, slow, not so shiny current one.

And now, a commercial!


  1. Does anyone know where I can buy honda parts close to Los Angeles? I am new to the area and my honda civic is kind of acting up. I don't know if I'll need parts just yet but I do want to know where to go in case I have to.

  2. This was really helpful to read up on! Where can I find some honda repair? Our battery has gone out, at least we think so. How can we find out the problem?

  3. Thanks for sharing. I would really like to learn more about getting the perfect Honda in Los Angeles. I need a new family car. I've got too many kids to fit in our last car now.